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The DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR Exhibition Ended Successfully!

The DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR Exhibition ended successfully!

After the epidemic, the world’s first exhibition of floor materials landed in Shanghai, and the long-term market enthusiasm was instantly ignited. This long-distance gathering was hard-won and was given high hopes. All floor material practitioners gathered here to witness the growth and new vitality of the floor material industry after the storm.

As the first exhibition of the global floor material industry after the epidemic, DOMOTEX asia led the floor material manufacturing industry to return to the market first. Taking the first step in the industry’s recovery. Its smooth convening is crucial to restoring the confidence of the industry. The anxiety and confusion in the past have found a breakthrough and answer in the National Convention and Exhibition Center at this moment.

Kingshine Plastic Machinery

On the first day of the launch, professional audiences were in an endless stream. The joy and enthusiasm of a long-lost reunion was transformed into a series of business negotiations. Everyone at the scene covered their faces with masks. But a pair of slightly raised eyes could not restrain the firmness of the industry’s recovery. Confidence.Exhibitors actively display new products.

Kingshine China

This is Kingshine China Company answering product information to customers.

Kingshine Plastic

This is Kingshine Plastic Machinery to show its innovative technology and solutions to customers.

Kingshine Plastic Machinery is specialized in providing you with SPC flooring production lines, LVT Flooring Extrusion Lines, Plastic Floor Extruder Line and so on.

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