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WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line
Product description

WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line Description:

WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line

4.?Haul-off?Unit?8?Couples ?Cylinder?Clamping?and?Loosening

WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line

WPC Foam Board Extrusion Line Specificiation :

Model Unit SJSZ80/156 SJSZ92/188 SJSZ80/156,?SJ65/132
Product?width mm 1220 1600 1600-2050
Product?thickness mm 3-20 5-30 3-20
Max.?extrusion?capacity Kg/h 350 500 600
Power?of?extruder KW 75 110 120

Our Advantage :

1.WPC foam board extrusion line with PLC Computer automatic control system
2.International brand for all electric part
3.Synchronization control system (control extrusion speed together with haul off speed to avoid board break)
4.Screw fracture prevention control system ( A software system to control screw running speed adjust )
5.Auto board collector system (save workers)
6.Anti blocking mold system
7.Vacuum loading and dust collector system

WPC Foam board

This is a completely waterproof material, because it is plastic, it is widely used in the place of the outside balcony, Plank Road, a swimming pool, lake, beach, ship deck and so on.
Secondly, this is a completely anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten material, because it does not contain fibrin.
Third, this is a material with a good performance of flame retardant. We have done experiments. This excellent fire retardant property of foam boards foam is much better then wood and wood-plastic materials.
Fourth, it is one that does not decay, is radiation-free and non-toxic and in line with national testing standards. It is maintenance-free, and the maintenance of pollution can be avoided.
Fifth, the bending resistance of this material and a surface hardness are higher than that of wood, wood materials. The grip nails is stronger than the wood-plastic which is flat with wood.
Sixth, price levels of this material in the current market has the promotion conditions, it is definitely cheap and fine.

Company Information & Professional Service


Kingshine Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in China. The main production is WPC(wood plastic) extrusion machinery. WPC Foam board extrusion line.

Kingshine pay attention to technological innovation, actively introduce advanced foreign technology, and constantly develop new products.



Pre-sale service:

To provide information and market research,to provide consultation,to provide many kinds of conveniences and market service,etc. Products: PVC Foam Board Machine…
The main purpose of pre-sales service is to help customers make the project planning and system requirements analysis. Make our products maximum to meet clients’ requirements. Also play the greatest overall economic benefits of customers’ investment.

After-sale service:

To install products and test products freely for customers.
To provide the formulas and technologies of relevant products and the information of chemical materials manufactories.
To direct technology aspect of relevant use according to customers’ requirements
To provide technical training for clients’ employees.
To be responsible for maintenance service, door-to-door service under the necessary circumstance.

Technology support:

To provide installation and test for the machine.
To provide formulas and technology of relevant products.
To provide information of chemical material manufactories.
To provide technical training for clients’ employees.

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Mobile: +86 13814297981
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Contact Us

  • Contact: Jay Ma (Director)
  • Mobile: +86 13814297981
  • Whatsapp +8613814297981
  • Wechat: +8613814297981
  • Email: ceo@kingshineplast.com